Your Distant Homeland 08/12

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  • written and drawn by dylan meconis -
  • 8/12

  • Nosh: There! Financial records of November, you can go buddy-times with other months.
  • Nosh: Don't be making them feel bad for having less of the profits than you
    It is a great responsibility to be so fat and beautiful.
  • [a book on the shelf is labeled пу́шкин]
  • Nosh: Aha! A book of poems by Pushkin himself!
  • Nosh: Is perfect evening for curling up with sad-pants poetry, cup of hot tea,
    and least popular piroshki flavor.
  • Nosh: Inscription says:
  • Nosh: "To our son Sergei, with love from your mother and father. May you never be too far for us to reach."
  • Nosh: The sadness begins already.
  • Nosh: Op! What is this, hidden behind?
  • Nosh: Loan papers?

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  • Translations:
    • пу́шкин - Pushkin