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supporting character
Lil' Guy.png
First appearance:Page 0181
Full name:Vinnie
Nickname(s):Lil' Guy (former temporary Wiki name), Lil' Buddy, Vinny (Memories In Future Tense)
Species:Minion Species. Formerly Vinn.
Gender:Assumed/addressed as male
Affiliations:Machito, Formerly Vinn

Vinnie is a member of the Minion Species and former Vinn who was accidentally taken aboard the Machito alongside Nosh to have the Vinn virus removed[1]. He's been shown to have a voracious appetite, similar to Nosh and other Veetans[2]. He is incapable of speech[3], but it is unknown if this is a result of the Vinn virus or a result of the virus's removal. It could also be a personal disability or a feature of his species, but another member has been seen speaking before[4]. He is the main character of the guest story Memories In Future Tense (in which yet more of his species are able of speech). He has accompanied the crew of the Machito since his first appearance.


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