The First Ship That Fell 03/14

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  • Nameless Ghoggrider #1: Our position is now stable. The Ghogg has been wounded by the asteroid and cannot swim. We are evaluating her condition.
  • Nameless character #1: This is an outrage! I'm bringing derf ore to a sales meeting on Bilstar 7! It absolutely, positively has to get there two weeks from Thursday!
  • Nameless character #2: I have to plant my seed pod on Goftir before the solar zenith! Or I'll never get laid!
  • Nameless characters #3 & #4: And we're on our way to a choir competition!
  • Nameless Ghoggrider #1: Ghoggship Interstellar Transit services are offered without guarantee. That is why they are so inexpensice.
  • Nameless character #5: You believe this luck? I was deployed on Vernatta in the brine mines. Was heading back home to spray a load of spawn eggs. Now it looks like we might be stuck out here!
  • Nameless character #6: Ghoggriders have been swimming these spaceways for a thousand years. They have ways of dealing with this sort of thing. They must!
  • Nameless Ghoggrider #1: The Ghogg is dying.
  • Nameless character #1: Of course! Of course!
    Do you realize I work on commission?!
  • Ladresco: How are we for air? Electric power?
  • Nameless Ghoggrider #2: We will have air and current as long as the Ghogg's spirit remains with us. Her lungs are still strong and pleasingly moist.
  • Ladresco: That guy just said the Ghogg is dying.
  • Nameless Ghoggrider #2: In that case, the hour of our collective demise is near.
  • Ladresco: We need to send up a distress call. I have military priority access codes from Kol Ternas station. What resources are on board?
  • Nameless Ghoggrider #2: It is the greatest of honors to die with a Ghogg. My ancestors could not dream of such an auspicious end to their line.
  • Nameless character #6: This is probably rude to say, but you wonder if they steered into that asteroid on purpose.

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  • This is the first mention of derf ore, Bilstar 7, Goftir, Vernatta and Kol Ternas station.
  • Apart from Ladresco and his partner, this is the first time we see these characters.