The First Ship That Fell 01/14

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  • They lured us out of the station.
  • Somehow they'd gotten to specialist Denso while he was on a scout. Turned him. He called in with all the proper auth codes. Said he'd found a new gas deposit.
  • Of course command prepped the driller right away. Our supply ship was months late. We were desparate.
  • As soon as command opened the dome, wham!They were... waiting for us. They poured in like water.
  • Ladresco: [off-screen] We weren't well-armed, we couldn't fight -- it's a science station, for the love of --
  • Ladresco: [off-screen] Something's wrong. Gravity just kicked off. End recording.
  • [ID card reads "Zemtar Denso
    1st class"]
  • Computer: Recording ended. Entry logged in ongoing incident record.
  • Nameless character: Ladresco! Get inboard! To the spine!
  • Ladresco: Is it an attack? Did they follow us?
  • Nameless character: Not an attack --
  • Nameless character: Ahh! I hate Bwergberry!!
  • Ladresco: Sorry. That's mine

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  • This is the first time we see all of these species and characters.
  • This is the first mention of Bwergberry.