The Esteemed Gentleman Alonso Who Came From The Stars 07/12

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  • The Esteemed Gentleman Alonso Who Came From The Stars
  • written and drawn by evan dahm -
  • 7/12

  • Alonso: It's an impossible thing that holds the universe together.
  • Alonso: I studied it, as much as such things were permitted, before I-
  • Alonso: Um
  • Alonso: Before I came to Alkasar 4.
  • Alonso: I'm convinced it is unknowable. The secret of the Drive.
  • Alonso: How space itself is redndered impotent, and all the stars in the sky are united...
  • Sancho: Wise and mighty, indeed, must the Familia be, to possess the powers of gods...
  • Sancho: ... and grant them at whim to the subjects of their most glorious Imperio!

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