The Ballad Of Fintresslanope 06/11

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  • The Ballad of Fintresslanope - Hero Clerk of the Fillipod People
  • written by Dylan Meconis |
  • drawn by Carissa Powell |
  • 6/11

  • Comely Lass:*** "I know of whom you speak, my lord,"
  • Narrating Fillipod: [off-screen] said she, this gooish maiden;
  • Comely Lass:*** "And know hwo you could be relieved
    of that which you are laden."
  • Narrating Fillipod: [off-screen] Within a blink, she hove him to,
  • Narrating Fillipod: [off-screen] Then dragged him further down,
  • Narrating Fillipod: [off-screen] Into the gluey, inkish depths
  • Narrating Fillipod: [off-screen] 'Til he was like to drown.

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