That Time The Veetans Defeated The Tesskans Forever 11/15

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  • That Time THE VEETANS Defeated the Tesskans FOREVER!
  • written by ryan north
  • illustrated by tony cliff
  • 11/15

  • Fillipod: The planet's... gone, sir! No debris, no rubble.
  • Science Veetan: Almost like it never existed, huh?
  • Science Veetan: Temporal weapons, Tesskans. We have them, you don't, and you never will.
  • Science Veetan: Sure, we're pacifists. But we're not stupid. Like you, we know the only way to get peace is to be the strongest. And we became the strongest -- not through might, like you, but through smarts.
    So we built our first and last weapon, the only weapon we'll ever need: a weapon that erases entire planets from history.
  • Science Veetan: Incidentally, you're not the first galactic bullies we've come across: There have been plenty of races who have stood up to the Veetans before. You've never heard of any of them.
    Care to guess why?
  • Science Veetan: [off-screen] Check with your Fillipod friends, they're smarter than you. They'll tell you that the homeworld is definitely erased from history, won't you Fillipods?
  • Fillipod: Uh--
  • Science Veetan: [off-screen] Because if they do, and the Tesskans surrender, then we can end the war, and I'll restore the Tesskan homeworld to the timeline. The... polarity of the chronoton fields can be reversed. But only for a little while longer.
  • Fillipod: Oh, right!
  • Fillipod: Sir, he, uh, he definitely speaks the truth. Readings show that our planet never existed due to, uh, temporal... alterations of the, uh...
  • Fillipod: ... the causality field! And the time ripple effect will soon catch up with the fleet, erasing us all. There's, um... no possible defense?
  • Grand Voss: You hide behind your pacifism, but this whole time you--
  • Science Veetan: Surrender, general, and we'll leave you alone. We don't want your planet. But this war is over.
  • Shouting Veetan: The Drive's overpowered. We can't keep the planet cloaked for much longer. Two minutes, tops!
  • Science Veetan: ... And decide quickly. I can reverse this temporal incursion, but only for another two minutes. I'll expect your surrender in one.
    Viewscreen off.
  • Shouting Veetan: "Temporal incursion?" "Chronotons?"
  • Science Veetan: What?
    It sounds sciency!

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