That Time The Veetans Defeated The Tesskans Forever 09/15

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  • That Time THE VEETANS Defeated the Tesskans FOREVER!
  • written by ryan north
  • illustrated by tony cliff
  • 9/15

  • Nat: The Veetan fleet flew towards the Tesskan homeworld, with the stealth ship at the middle. The scientists used what little time they had. They came up with a plan.
  • Nat: And the rest of the fleet put it into action.
  • [Veetan fleet (good guys)
    Tesskan fleet (space trash)
    Stealth ship in middle
  • Nat: Once our fleet got close to the Tesskan homeworld, the Tesskans attacked.
  • Kari: Wait: This is the big battle, right? Where the Tesskans realized the horrible proce of messing with we Veetans?
  • Nat: Uh... not really. Every ship that was attacked broke formation and headed for home, trailing a Tesskan ship behind them.
  • Kari: Wait, what?
  • Nat: I told you, the scientists had a plan!
  • Kari: Was the plan "be the worst at war ever?" Because that's what this plan sounds like.
  • Nat: No, it was to disperse the attack fleet, allowing only the stealth ship and its tow to make it to Tesskan orbit. Right above their homeworld.
  • Veetan officer: We're getting weapons locks from orbital and ground-based weapons.
    Oh, and space-based weapons locks too. The ships we lured away are headed back.
  • Science Veetan: How many weapins are targeted at us right now?
  • Veetan officer: [off-screen] Near as I can tell, uh...
    ... all of them?
  • Science Veetan: Open a frequency to Tesskan military high command.
  • Veetan officer: [off-screen] On it.
  • Grand Voss: [off-screen] You are two seconds from being destroyed. Speak quickly.
  • Science Veetan: Sir, I will get right to the point. As a recent recruit of the Veetan military, such as it is, I wish to discuss...
  • Science Veetan: ... surrender.

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  • Given the lifespan of an average Tesskan, this is the first appearance of this Grand Voss.
  • This is the first appearance of the Veetan officer.