That Time The Veetans Defeated The Tesskans Forever 06/15

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  • That Time THE VEETANS Defeated the Tesskans FOREVER!
  • written by ryan north
  • illustrated by tony cliff
  • 6/15

  • [sign reads "I Am Lit[e]rally A Spaceship"]
  • Nat: It took most of the week just to get the secret ship spaceworthy. The holes were welded over, the hull pressurized, and a fresh coat of paint put on.
  • Kari: "I Am Literally A Spaceship?" That's what it said?
  • Nat: What? It's accurate. Scientists love accuracy!
  • Nat: 'Course, on board scientists were still desperately trying to gigure out the Drive in these last few hours. None of their repairs had worked...
    ... until a cleaner took a break and saved our galaxy. Her name was "May." Put that in your article.
  • Kari: I don't have an article! Nothing here shows we're gonna win the war! All you've given me are a bunch of scientists who are bad at naming spaceships!
  • Nat: That's because I haven't got to the best part! Check it out:
  • [Lean]
  • [Science Veetan looks at I Am Literally A Spaceship]
  • [I Am Literally A Spaceship disappears with a Boop]
  • [Science Veetan despairs]
  • Science Veetan: Oh my gosh I am so fired.

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  • This is the first appearance of May.