That Time The Veetans Defeated The Tesskans Forever 03/15

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  • That Time THE VEETANS Defeated the Tesskans FOREVER!
  • written by ryan north
  • illustrated by tony cliff
  • 3/15

  • Nat: Our tale begins many years ago, as a Veetan explorer ship came across something astounding...
  • Nat: ... A Drive ship, fully adrift!
  • Kari: That never happens. La Familia ensure any lost ship is destroyed, to protect the secret of the Drive engine.
  • Nat: I know! I guess that's why I said it was astounding!
  • Nat: Anyway, the Veetans docked and came over to explore the disabled ship.
  • Kari: Disabled how? It's adrift, right?
  • Nat: Yes!
  • Kari: So power's off, too? No lights?
  • Nat: Yep!
  • Kari: No artificial gravity then, either.
  • Nat: Right, right!
  • Nat: I mean, obviously.
  • Nat: They soon discovered a note that said the ship went off course after their Familia engineer died of natural causes while operating the Drive. They were adrift until they ran out of supplies and died!
  • Kari: That has to be the most convenient note, exposition-wise, of all time.
  • Nat: See, I can understand why you'd think that, but then the Veetan explorers all agreed it was reasonable and made sense, so no worries!

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  • This is the first appearance of these nameless characters.