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Taneel (first name unknown)
main character
First appearance:Page 0012
Full name:Taneel (first name unknown)
Title(s):Captain, Machito
Affiliations:Imperial Navy
Family:Her ex-husband
Nosh counts as family.
A brother

Taneel is the human captain of the Machito. She is one of the main characters of the Machito Plot. She is somewhat old, and was referred to by Skitter upon first seeing her as "an unhappy grandmother captain".[1] She has spent many years in service of the Imperial Navy, which have hardened her and made her cynical towards the Empire. She has a very close relationship with Nosh and is very protective of and caring towards him. She seems to enjoy coffee.


In 2386 she assumed command of the massive imperial battle cruiser Sevillano[2]. She first encounters Nosh at the Science Academy during the announcement of McBride's Wormhole in 2399.[3] In the ensuing explosion, they save each other's lives. After the usurpation of Emperor Mauel José Cruz in 2401, she was stripped of her command. To save Nosh, she and her crew stole the tiny scout ship Machito.[4] They rescued Nosh and Skitter along with him. When Emperor Cruz learned about Skitter and his abilities, her hand was forced to conduct secret imperial business to find the elusive Pilot Species.[5]



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