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main character
Skitter .jpg
First appearance:Page 0007
Full name:Skitter
Nickname(s):Steve (temporarily)
Species:Pilot Species
Gender:assumed/addressed as male

Skitter is a member of the Pilot Species. In his first appearance, he wakes up with amnesia in prison with Nosh, apparently having jumped between a guard's weapon and Nosh in order to save him. His real name and homeworld are unknown. After coming aboard the Machito, Emperor Cruz takes notice of his piloting skills and demands that the crew of the Machito find his home planet and recruit more members of his species to pilot Drive ships.

The name "Skitter" was a suggestion from Nosh[1]. Skitter initially opposed this name, preferring "Steve", but Taneel insisted on "Skitter" because "Steve" reminded her of her ex-husband Steven.


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