Rare Earths 12/13

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  • Taneel: [off-screen] ... Pkshhhttt fhsssttt keep trying, because it's obviously a waste of time.
  • Fernando: [off-screen] Skitter, Nosh, if you're out there, please respond. Message ends.
  • Nosh: No! No ends! Please be beginning again, we are here!
  • Fernando: [off-screen] Nosh? It's Fernando! What happened to you guys?
  • Nosh: Is very complicated, there were caves and lava beasts and skeletons.
  • Nosh: I was very brave fighting with fists.
    Then we gind glow chickens!
  • Skitter: They've agreed to help us!
  • Nosh: I think glow chickens fix spaceship maybe?
  • Fernando: The atmosphere out there may be mildly hallucinogenic, captain.
  • Taneel: Tell them to bring back samples.

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