Rare Earths 11/13

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  • Nosh: So you talk to Blobbers using mohawk and mind waves?
  • Skitter: I think so.
  • Nosh: That is some handy mohawk there.
  • Skitter: It's growing on me.
  • Blobbers: [thinking] I have detected a concern for lanthanides in your thoughtstream.
    We too share this concern.
  • Skitter: [thinking] Yes! Our power cells were mysterioulsy depleted as we approached your planet.
  • Blobbers: [thinking] It is no mystery. That's on us.
  • Glow Chicken #1: [thinking] Sorry dude.
  • Blobbers: [thinking] We use our vast mental powers to funnel energy from rare earths in the nearby asteroid belt to charge depleted deposits down here in our caves.
  • Skitter: [thinking] ... So you can recharge depleted lanthanides?
  • Glow Chicken #1: [thinking] It's cheaper than eating out.
  • Nosh: Hello? Standing right here
    So am chopped space liver after all.
  • Nosh: Mom was right.

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