Rare Earths 10/13

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  • Skitter: Aah! I swear that thing just spoke to me.
  • Nosh: I hear nothing.
  • Blobbers: [thinking] Only you can hear me.
  • Blobbers: [thinking] Your friend lacks the receptors for telepathic communication.
  • Skitter: [thinking] That's not the only thing he lacks.
  • Blobbers: [thinking] We do detect a neural defecit, but we're too timid to mention it.
  • Skitter: [thinking] Last week I found him trying to teach the cat to play guitar.
    He doesn't know how to play guitar.
    And we don't have a cat.
  • Blobbers: [thinking] Oy.
  • Nosh: Stop that!
    I can smell you thinking about me.
  • Skitter: We were talking about sports... ball.
  • Skitter: Sportsball.
  • Blobbers: [thinking] Nice save.

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