Rare Earths 08/13

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  • Nosh: Look. You are smart. I also am smart.
  • Nosh: Together we have two smarts worth.<brr>Surely we can come up with solution for everyone to live.
  • Skitter: Under normal conditions, sure.
  • Skitter: But we're running out of time.
  • Skitter: Also, I don't know if you've noticed, but none of this makes any sense.
  • Nosh: How so?
  • Skitter: We're in a region of space that drains rare earth elements dry but here's a whole mess of 'em in perfect condition.
    Isn't that a bit too convenient?
  • Nosh: Convenience is not bad thing.
    They have whole stores now just for convenience.
  • Skitter: They sell convenience?
  • Nosh: They sell chips of potato.
    But in many varieties!

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