Rare Earths 07/13

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  • Nosh: But is no fair!
    Taking away of glow chickens foods is wrong and bad.
  • Nosh: Imagine poor blobbers starving in cave, crying.
  • Skitter: It's us or them, Nosh.
  • Skitter: And I'm a big fan of us.
  • Nosh: Let us be asking captain for solomonesque wisdom.
    Captain Taneel, is Nosh. Can you be rogering?
  • Nosh: Nobody answer.
  • Nosh: Great. Now we are having to use own brains for wisdom.
  • Skitter: These creatures are giving off tremendous amounts of energy.
  • Skitter: That must be interfering with communications.
  • Nosh: Why you are so racist against adorable glow chickens?
  • Nosh: Did glow chicken poop in cornflakes perhaps?

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