Rare Earths 06/13

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  • Skitter: What are those things?
  • Nosh: They are like little glow chickens! That eat rocks.
  • Skitter: Those aren't just rocks.
    Those are the lanthanides we came down here to find!
  • Skitter: Who knew rocks could be delicious.
  • Nosh: Are you delicious, glow chicken?
    No. You are adorable!
  • Nosh: I call you blobbers and feed you yummy rocks and sing Russian nursery song to scare you to sleep.
  • Skitter: Don't get too attached to blobbers there, Nosh.
  • Nosh: Why howcome?
  • Skitter: We're about to take their food supply away.
  • Nosh: Oh.

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