Rare Earths 04/13

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  • Nosh: You and hovercar. So superior.
  • Nosh: This is why no one ever bring you home to meet parents.
  • Skitter: The only other option is to burrow through the wall.
  • Nosh: What, you think I cannot burrow?
    I am world-class burrower three years running.
  • Skitter: So burrow already.
  • [Nosh burrows, a pebble ricochets from Skitter's helmet with a Dink]
  • Nosh: There! I burrow opening to perfectly serviceable network of caves.
  • Skitter: Technically that wasn't burrowing.
    The caves were already there.
  • Nosh: Opening did not burrow itself.
  • Skitter: I'd say that was more of an uncovering.

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