Rare Earths 02/13

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  • Fernando: That might explain the power failures, captain.
  • Fernando: The rare earth elements in the power cells don't play nice with existence instabilities.
  • Nosh: Like Schrodinger's kitten.
  • Taneel: How long do we have?
  • Fernando: Maybe an hour, if Nosh doesn't hog all the oxygen.
  • Nosh: My lungs have special needs!
  • Taneel: And I was only two decades to retirement.
  • Fernando: If only we had access to a nearby source of rare earth elements!
  • Fernando: Then we could rebuild the power cells.
  • Skitter: Hey guys! My weird mohawk thing is detecting a whole mess of lanthanides down on the planet.
    Are those anything like rare earth elements?
  • Fernando: Those are exactly like rare earth elements!
    It's too bad the planet's atmosphere dissolves human flesh or we could go get them.
  • Nosh: Yes. Too bad.
  • Skitter: Terrible.

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