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Drive is full of amazing anecdotes and aphorisms, as well as hilarity. Wiki users may submit their favourites below.


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  • Our minds tell us we are nothing, while our hearts insist that we are everything. You must always err towards your heart.[1]
  • This fist moves mountains. - This fist moves stars.[2]
  • I believe I have the hang of it, but do let me know if I make any mistakens or mis-pronunciations. I've only had a few hours with it.[3]
  • To do much in this life, you must learn much.[4]
  • Don't fear the day ahead. Fear not walking toward them.[5]
  • "Sue" for peace...? Would they accept the court summons?[6]
  • There's always gon' be helpers. People that run toward the trouble 'stead of 'away from it. … We the helpers, Ahmis. And we gotta go look for more.[7]
  • I have given you three fundamental drives: To know. To survive. To create.[8]


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