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This page is made to document "hacks" and tricks to utilise the wiki in ways that are not necessarily obvious to the average editor. This might be important for users from other wikis as well as for users from this wiki, to better understand the inner workings, especially considering that most of this was done to circumvent actions that would require sysop access.

Allowing external images

  • Description: Added the domain to MediaWiki:External image whitelist.
  • Reason: Adding comic pages is great for this wiki, including images only from the domain is more than enough. The alternative would have been to make changes to $wgAllowExternalImagesFrom, which requires sysop access.
  • Requirements: Admin rights as well as reading up the right formatting on MediaWiki.

If and ifeq parsers

  • Description: Added templates from by copying and pasting without taking the time and effort to understand it.
  • Reason: Parsers are usually part of extensions, which require sysop access. These templates work! Their formatting is a bit different, but that's no issue at all unless you want to import templates from other wikis.
  • Requirements: Basic knowledge about templates.

Mobile site

  • Description: Used the @media screen property in CSS to create a different style for narrow screens on MediaWiki:Common.css.
  • Reason: Skins and extensions require sysop access. And the font on the wiki as well as some other elements are not optimal for mobile viewing.
  • Requirements: Admin rights for MediaWiki namespace, CSS knowledge for coding.

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