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Pilot Species (temporary Wiki name)
Skitter, a member of the the Pilot Species.
First appearance:Page 0007
Av. size:Under 1.5m (smaller than Fillipods)
Intelligence rating:Likely between Juliet/Kilo and Papa/Quebec (guessed)

The Pilot Species is a species of unknown origin. The only known members are Skitter and the Tres Primos Pilot. The two known individuals are small (relative to humans and other species throughout the comic), possess a tail somewhat like that of a beaver, and have a Mohawk. Nosh also says of Skitter[1] that "[his] leetle toenails make sound like kitty skittering across floor", hence the name Skitter. This species makes use of their Mohawks to (according to Skitter), see gravity (though this may not be the most accurate description[2]), which allows them to pilot Drive Ships better and faster than humans can. They are known to be telepathic, using a technique called wind-talking.[3] They have been seen by Nosh's Grandfather on Kochi, a moon of Tesskil.[4] According to the Nyx,[5] one has also been seen traveling with Sill monks from the Monasteries of Yanta.

Their home planet has been described as having "tall trees with high-built homes" and "endless jungles of blue".[6]


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