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  • And now, a peek at an important moment which occurred on the Veetan homeworld.
  • Nosh: My decision is made. I'm setting out to see the worlds.
  • Nosh's Grandfather: That's nice.
  • There's no way anyone would have noticed at the time. There was a lot going on.
  • Nosh's Grandfather: Pick up some milk while you're out.
  • But there! Look! It's Pebble.
  • Nosh: No, you are not understanding me! I'm heading out for a life of exploration and adventure in the great expanse of the universe!
  • This is the moment Pebble was finally grabbed into terminal orbit by a planet...
  • Nosh's Grandfather: Don't forget cab fare!
  • Nosh's Grandfather: I do not think he heard me.
  • But it wasn't an instand crash landing, as befalls so much errant deep space detritus. It was something more graceful and subtle.
  • Veeta: Come to mama!
  • Pebble: Uh... Okay.
  • Remember: Faces and personalities have been assigned to celestial bodies to keep things interesting.

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