Pebble 07/11

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  • Pebble: That was so gross! Oh! That poor guy! He never knew what hit him!
  • Time passed, and that one small moment of unavoidableness was forgotten as Pebble sped onward.
  • Pebble: Now... where was I going again?
  • And onward
  • Pebble: ... Oh yeah. Nowhere!
  • And onward
  • Pebble: Z
  • Pebble: And onward
  • Hey, that's my job.
  • Pebble: Sorry.
  • Until a planetary system slowly appeared on the horizon. Or whatever the equivelant of a "horizon" would be in the vast emptiness of space.
  • Pebble: Oooh! This looks cozy!

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  • There is a typo: "equivelant" should be equivalent