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  • Every once in a while, our friend was witness to significant historical moments.
  • The birth of a star
  • Pebble: Awww! What a cutie!
  • The death of a star
  • Pebble: R.I.P.
  • Hannibal crossing the alps
  • Hannibal: Behold! An omen!
  • The fateful moment the Tesskans conquered the Fillipods.
  • Pebble: Oh, ya hat to se that.
  • Sometimes, unfamiliar forces would have an effect. Like the space bending power of Drive engines passing nearby.

  • Tales of the Drive
  • Short stories set in the Drive universe.
    Written and drawn by today's best artists.


  • Hannibal crossed the Alps in 218 BC, Tesskans conquered Fillipods around 1400 AD. This means Pebble travelled from Earth to Tesskil in only 1600 years - which could be explained by Drive engines dragging it along - or other anomalies.