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  • Taneel: A maker? But... I don't understand.
  • Ahmis: Nor do I, fully. But let us logic out what we can.
  • Ahmis: This ur-planet that the Vinn call home clearly held an advanced civilization eons ago.
  • Ahmis: But it sits now as an irradiated, abandooned, crumbling rock.
  • Ahmis: At site after site, we found what you'd expect after 10,000 years of decay: dust, discarded plastics, and crumbling stone.
  • Ahmis: ... Yet amidst it all, one ages-old glass statue stands in near-perfect condition.
  • Ahmis: And in a million years, when all around is reduced to dust and ash, that glass will still stand in grace.
    ... A maker keeping eternal vigil over Vinnshasha.
  • Taneel: But... why? Why would the Vinn erect a statue to Makers?
  • Ahmis: Because they did not.
  • Ahmis: Captain, do you not see? Have you not figured it out?
  • Ahmis: That planet...
  • Ahmis: ... is the homeworld of my people.


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