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  • Stunning Saseet
  • See it... Ski it... Settle it!
  • 200 acres with the Homestead Act

  • Saseet Homestead Act
  • Among the habitable worlds of the Empire, Saseet is notable for its distance from its star. It straddles the far edge of the planetary "Goldilocks Zone," and is this, quite frankly, freezing.
  • 60% of the planet is too cold to support life, and the remaining equatorial region feels like a Swiss winter.
  • Which makes the Saseet Homestead Act of 2357 all the more tragic. Put into effect by Familia planners, the Act gave settlers free pasage, 140,000 pesetas, and free acreage as a way of encouragin colonization.
  • Propaganda from that time features well-built, attractive couples skiing the slopes and sipping wine by the fire.
  • But real life on Saseet was miserable. In the lower plains of Saseet, farmers could raise Linden berries, chestnuts, and winter wheats, and Ibex could be raised with some success... but it was hard going.
  • Even the romanticized beauty of the planet's alpha predator, the Hornhawk -- which was frequently shown in propaganda -- was counterweighterd by the viciousness of the creature. Every colonist, of every age, had to be constantly armed with m-wave pistols.
  • In the words of one contemporary writer, "Saseet will freeze all the hope out of you, then freeze all the life out of you."


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