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  • Madrid
  • Emperor Cruz: I've made my decision, Puño. Grasskan refugees will be allowed into my empire.
  • Emperor Cruz: They will settle on Saseet.
  • New Fist: Very well, sire. But just to confirm: There are only five thousand or so humans on Saseet.
  • New Fist: If word spreads, and the last few million Grasskans settle there, we're essentially turning it into a Grasskan planet.
  • Emperor Cruz: That's what I want! That's what we need! We immediately gain a horde of warriors skilled at fighting the Continuum!
  • Astronomer: These are refugees, sire. They're also a proud people. We can't force them to fight for us.
  • Emperor Cruz: I will force no one! Also, why are you still here?
  • Emperor Cruz: They will earn citizenship for their families by fighting in my armies!
  • New Fist: But sire... citizenship through military service? It's not like that worked out perfectly for the Romans.
  • Emperor Cruz: Yeah.
  • Emperor Cruz: Well.
  • Emperor Cruz: Meh. Those dumbs had lead in their pipes.
    Buncha dumbs.


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