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  • Tesskan #1: I don't wanna be on this planet. Whole place smells like fert'lizer.
  • Tesskan #2: Shaddup. Boss is tired of eatin' Maker veggies, so we're down here to get some meat.
  • Tesskan #1: Do we even know where we is?
  • Tesskan #2: Boss sez it's "Wirum". Sez he been here before. Sez the peoples is real small. Can't fight.
  • Pa: Hey! Y'all git that shuttle off my crops!
  • Tesskan #1: Ha! He's right! Lookit how small!
  • Pa: I can smell trouble from a mile away... And y'all are trouble.
  • Pa: ... Junior!
  • Tesskan #3: Lissen, punk. We're just here for food, so you best just get out of the way. You ain't stoppin' us.
  • Pa: I can't stop you, but my farmhand Junior can. ... Junior!
  • Tesskan #1: Ha! What kinda name is
  • Tesskan #1: Junior
  • [Junior punches the Tesskan with a DOOOF.]
  • Tesskan #1: You didn't say there'd be Grasskans....
  • Tesskan #3: Thassright! You best get on your tractor and run!
  • Tesskan #2: Dang. That is one fancy tractor.


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