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  • Tres Primos Pilot: Oof. Looking at that wormhole with my mohawk is like STARING INTO THE SUN.
  • Strong Primo or Tres Primos Pilot: But think! The empire's been hiding that puppy for almost three years! And we just stumble on it!
  • Porthos: It's very cool, admittedly, but the real prize is that lil' buoy.
  • Tres Primos Pilot: ...How so?
  • Porthos: Well, look: I'm never gonna get past those security lockouts out here.
    Buuuut, if we bring that thing back with us, I've got some stuff on the colonies that'll crack it like an egg.
    And if I can get into that thing... we might just get access to the whole enchilada.
  • Strong Primo: ...The Jinyiwei network.
  • Tres Primos Pilot: How fast could you hack it?
  • Tres Primos Pilot: ...Because that could turn the tide.
  • Strong Primo: Also because it's now shuffling songs.
  • Audio File: "Whooooo let the dogs out?" ♪♫
  • Audio File: Who who ♪♪♪ who who who ♪♪♪


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