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  • Orla: OK: I got our surrounding breaches sealed up. But with communications and sensors out, all we can do is... sit.
  • Taneel: Hmm.
  • Cuddow: Actually. With aplogies for not asking, I rigged up an old Fillipod trick.
  • Cuddow: I tore up a bit of ceiling, and soldered a small magnetron onto the hull.
  • Cuddow: The spider steel should amplify the magnetron to create a sort of pinging that other ships might pick up.
  • Nosh: A beacon? Oh, hooray! Cuddow saves the days! Now we must all get him bestest Christmas gifts! With bestest bows!
  • Cuddow: No, no: It's still a weak play, Nosh. Passing ships will either have to fly very close, or have amazing sensors to notice thant pinging.
  • Orla: But it's something. Thank you, Cuddow.
  • Taneel: Indeed. Why don't we all go have a look: See if we can't find a way to boost that signal.
  • Cuddow: YES! IT'S OVER HERE!
  • Taneel: Oh gosh hey wow maybe our chief science officer could join us?
  • Nosh: Sorry! Was still on Christmas.


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