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  • Porthos: Hey hey hey! Lookit us! Goin' faster than liiiiiiiight!
  • Tres Primos Pilot: Pincin' space like a grandma pinches cheeks!
  • Strong Primo: Breakin' monopolies like...
  • Strong Primo: ... a thing that breaks monopolies.
  • Porthos: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!
  • Tres Primos Pilot: Ha ha! ... So where to, friends?
  • Strong Primo: Wherever the good lady wishes to drive.
  • Tres Primos Pilot: How about the moons of Parlay? I hear they're lovely this time of year.
  • Strong Primo: Parlay it is! And the first glass of wine is on me!
  • Tres Primos Pilot: Wait. Wait. Hold up. What's this pinging red light?
  • Porthos: Hmm. That's my weapons-sensor system. It might be sensing a ships M-waves powering up?... Maybe?
  • Strong Primo: "MAYBE"???
  • Porthos: Look, cap'n Critic: I spent weeks building a flippin' Drive, and like five hot seconds building that dumb console.
  • Porthos: So let's bring it down a notch.


  • This page is called "Pinchin' Space Like A Grandma Pinches Cheeks"
  • Porthos is referencing Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • The gender of the Tres Primos Pilot was a matter of debate among fans and it is finally clear that she is female.