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  • [Strong Tres Primos and Nameless Pilot Species Member walking toward Porthos and the Tres Primos ship]
  • Strong Primo: How go things in the salt mines, cousin?
  • Porthos: I think she's ready to fly!
  • Porthos: Wanna check out a nearby star?
  • Strong Primo: Really? You got the drive working?
  • Porthos: Won't know 'til we try it! Hop in!
  • Strong Primo: Wait. What happens if you did it wrong? Will it just... not work? Or will it not work in a way that splays us out as a fine mist?
  • Porthos: I can think of a few dozen mist scenarios, yes. Lotta possible misting, or mist-adjacent results.
  • Strong Primo: HA! OK! LIVE FAST, DIE YOUNG!
  • Porthos: [Whispering] We ain't young.
  • [Tres Primos Pilot hopping from Strong Tres Primos' shoulder onto Porthos' head and into the ship]
  • Tres Primos Pilot: But we'll die fast!


  • This page is called "How go things in the salt mine?"