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  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] I was 19 the first day I saw battle against the Continuum.
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] A terrible, bloody day.
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] But at the end of it, I came across a Maker general on the battlefield... bleeding out & dying.
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] I was young and still wide-eyed, and decided to offer him water, and my coat for a pillow.
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] I stayed with him as he died, and he thanked me for the kindness. "May your spirits,"' he wispered, "illuminate the universe."
  • [Grasskan ship goes into FTL with a ZUU ZUU ZUU THOOM]
  • [Grasskan ship drops out of FTL with a WAM]
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] I have thought about that general every time I close my eyes. There was no evil in that moment. Just a honorable end with dignity.
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] And so, Mard, as my people and I climb into our graves, I will strive for my own honorable end... by offering up a gift.
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] In the custom of your people, I should give it while saying "may your spirits illuminate the universe." But that would be a lie.
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] For the gift I offer brings only nightfall.
  • Mareeth Baron: [off-screen] And I pray you never need to use it.


  • This page is called "The Illumination of Nightfall"
  • While the credits on the bottom of the page usually included something to the extent of "Dave Kellett / -", this is the first time someone other than Dave is mentioned: "Colors: Beth Morell"
    Beth lately has been responsible for colouring Sheldon, Dave's other webcomic.[1]


  1. New Colorist!