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  • Astronomer: There are new developments in the Grasskan empire, sire! Though... I don't even know the words to describe it.
  • 'Emperor Cruz: Hmph. I thought you people were all "amazing poets".
  • Astronomer: Giggle
  • Astronomer: Oh my king, you do know how to flatter!
  • Astronomer: I mean, I dabble.
  • Astronomer: Giggle
  • Astronomer: Mother always said I was "not averse to verse..."
  • Emperor Cruz: GET ON WITH IT.
  • Astronomer: Yes. Yes, of course.
    The stars, my emperor. The Grasskan stars have all gone... dark.
  • Emperor Cruz: Like... novas?
  • Astronomer: No, my eminence. Dark. Almost like their fusion reactions were... snuffed out?
  • Astronomer: It looks like over fifty stars, so far... and all from habitable systems.
  • Emperor Cruz: I don't understand how that could
    And how you could know that in real time?
    I'm confused by the science of this.
  • Astronomer: Sometimes, my king, when science fails us, art must step in.
    Perhaps I should COMPOSE A FEW DOZEN SONNETS ABOUT IT? ooooOOooooo
  • Emperor Cruz: I will punch you right in the mouth.


  • This page is called "I mean, I *dabble*..."
  • One possible way that they could be knowing this in real time is with the use of Ring Relays.