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  • Colegium member #1: The return of the Spirits was a Deed well done, but done under duress. The Grasskans had decades, but only now bring them home to us?
  • Mard: A fair point.
  • Mard: But they were always honorable in war, and treated our prisoners with respect. They just never understood our ways.
  • Filia: Well, it seems extermination had a way of focusing their understanding.
  • Colegium member #2: Mard, we can not wave away our long history with the Grasskans, and suddenly fight side-by-side.
  • Mard: We've now lost 40 scout ships to these Vinn, and their territories grow ever closer.
  • Mard: But! Imagine a shared defense against that threat!
  • Colegium member #3: The Contunuum is a circle unto itself. We stand alone, as we always have.
  • Mard: But isn't it spirited to try? To experiment with a new way of defending ourselves?
  • Colegium member #3: We will watch and learn, Mard. If the Grasskans win, then no action needs taking. And if they 'lose, we shall learn from their loss.
  • Mard: Makers, how can you not see this as a crisis?
  • Filia: You are Maker Prime, but in this moment, you are overruled.
    The entire Colegium has vetoed this path.
  • Filia: The Grasskans will fight alone.


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