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  • The Machito enters the Yanta system, and is greeted by... an eerie stillness. Massice, ancient space stations; hulking ship platforms... all vacant and still.
  • A thousand years ago, the Machito wouldn't even be able to approach the system. A once-miraculous grid, now crashed and broken on the shores of time, would've stopped the ship cold.

And had the Machito made it planet-side, it would've been reduced to atoms by a defensive tech no current galactic power could even guess at. This was a type-2 Kardashev civilization -- the only one in history -- and it was capable of miracles.

  • But no technological miracles greet the Machito now... for a greater miracle has frozen the gears of Yanta. All is quiet on this casket of a planet.
  • The crew steps out to hear the empty creaks and groans of memory. And here, among mile-high skyscrapers, they find they are... alone.
  • Except for skeletons and near-skeletons: The remnant monks of Yanta, lost in exquisite religious ecstasy... and dying, dying, dying, dying.


  • This page is called "Crashed and Broken on the Shores of Time"
  • A type-2 civilization on the Kardashev scale is a stellar civilization able to harness the total energy of their star or channel a similar output of energy. In the early 21st century, humanity has yet to be a type-1 civilization.