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  • Nosh: Hey sports team! What is going on in here? Super-fun-chat-times?
  • Taneel: Actually, yes. Come on in. I'm sussing out what our different species know about the Sill.
  • Nosh: The Sill! Ooof. That is a no bueno memory for Veeta. They conquered us for hundreds of years.
  • Taneel: Really? I'd... legitimately never heard that.
  • Cuddow: Agreed. I've never heard a Veetan talk about that... ever.
  • Nosh: Would you talk about kid who beat you up in kindergarten!?! Was so very long ago! Back when you didn't even know how to write it down? ... No! You would just move on to first grade and make new friends!
  • Nosh: And if you're lucky, maybe jerk goes away! Maybe their parents take new job over summer! In different city! So jerk is not even in your class, anymore!
  • Taneel: NOSH.
  • Nosh: And then you can have playground to yourself! Jerk can beat up kids on some other playground.
  • Taneel: NOSH.
  • Nosh: Is brighter day for entire first grade!
  • Taneel: NOSH.


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