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  • Taneel: Hey Cuddow, do you have the-- Wait. What's all this?
  • Cuddow: --Captain!
  • [hologram goes Boop]
  • Cuddow: Ah! Ha ha! Captain! Captain of the ship! La jefa!
  • Taneel: Quit fumfering, Mr sneaky pants: What was that projection I just saw?
  • Cuddow: Oh. Um. I was. Theoretically. Looking. At now someone could build a missile. With. A Drive. Embedded. Inside another. Drive.
  • Cuddow: To take advantage of the. Um. Cuddow effect.
  • Taneel: Whoa whoa whoa. You know how to build a Drive?
  • Cuddow: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe asitrytoreadyourfacewhileisaythis Yes. Yes I do.
  • [Taneel and Cuddow stare at each other]
  • Taneel: What kind of an answer was that?
  • Cuddow: Look, when you gow up around Tesskans, every answer is framed by "will I get punched for saying this?"
  • [SMEK]


  • This page is called "Mmmmmmmmmmaybe", which is significantly shorter than the actual text.
  • Translations:
    • la jefa - Spanish for "the boss"
    • fumfering - mumbling (from Yiddish)