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  • Taneel: Ah, Orla! How'd it go with the Jinyiwei?
  • Orla: I... could find no local station office, ma'am.
  • Sebastián: Oh you wouldn't, my dear, no. No-no-no.
  • Sebastián: All the posted officers came down with a rare, excruciating form of tinnitus.
  • Sebastián: Something to do with their Jinyiwei cochlear implants. Very strange.
    Thankfully, they seem to have recovered back on Earth.
  • Sebastián: So we hear.
  • Orla: But--
  • Sebastián: Fernando!
  • Sebastián: I have two gifts for you before you go... and a gift for the captain!
    First, a texting device.
  • Fernando: Oh. Um. Thanks, but my implant can already text.
  • Sebastián: Not like this. The Nyx have been working on this little trick for decades.
  • Nyx #1: It will have had a single, suspended photon, quantum entangled with another here on Du Fu.<be>They will have sung together, when one sings alone.
  • Sebastián: Yes-yes-yes. Very handy. Yes-yes-yes.
    When the chips are down, you may send one very short cry for help... and we'll make sure the cavalry comes running.
  • Fernando: Entablement?? How did they solve the---
  • Sebastián: Second! I offer you one of the empire's best-kept secrets: the coordinates to McBride's Wormhole.
  • [coordinates read:
  • Sebastián: If our collective plans fail spectacularly, and everyone we trust is dead... then you will find no safe harbor.
  • Sebastián: You will be a marked man throughout the western spiral arms of the galaxy.
  • Sebastián: But! Perhaps you can find peaceful last days through that magnificent wormhole.
  • Sebastián: ... Just run, run, run away. Yes-yes-yes.
  • [Taneel stays silent for one panel]
  • Taneel: Well! On that inspiring note: What was my gift?
  • Sebastián: Why, some top-of-the-line M-Wave cannons!
  • Sebastián: .... So that he does not need those first two gifts.


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