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  • Strong Primo: Porthos tells me you fear the days ahead.
  • Strong Primo: ... May I share something with you?
  • Tres Primos Pilot: Sure. Yeah.
  • [the pilot hits a wrench on the ground with a tink tink
  • Strong Primo: As you know, my cousins and I grew up in the lunar colonies.
  • Strong Primo: And between the .9 artificial gravity, and the Familia richesse, it was a childhood of 'extreme comfort.
  • Strong Primo: And when we answered our draft into Drive Corps, we found we 'excelled there.
  • Strong Primo: God, it seemed, had granted us a quick wit when it came to starships.
  • Strong Primo: Ha! Not like you, certainly, but good by human standards.
  • Strong Primo: So, for us, it would've been easy just to serve our time, and then return to a rich posting at IndústriaGlobo or one of the family banks.
  • Strong Primo: But we'd...
  • Strong Primo: ... seen too much.
  • Strong Primo: Whenever we had leave, we'd jouney to Quito, or Addis Ababa... or even the ruins of New York.
  • Strong Primo: Anywhere we could see the real empire.
  • Strong Primo: The poverty was almost easy to comprehend.
  • Strong Primo: What was harder for us to understand was the oppressive sense of... stagnation'. Of seeing entire villages, entire cities, who know that their children could never aspire to more', as they were not Familia.
  • Strong Primo: Hope... is the engine of the heart.
  • Strong Primo: And when you lose hope -- not only for yourself, but for your chuldren and your children's children -- what do you have? What fires your soul?
  • Strong Primo: The fire has gone out in the sould of our empire.
  • Strong Primo: So rather than fear the fights to come, fear our complacency in the present.
  • Strong Primo: Fear the privilege that allows us to say "oh, everything is fine," when we know billions of voices are crying out in muffled desperation.
  • Strong Primo: Fear our tendency, even now, to wave away the sins of the empire because we have full bellies and glad hearts.
  • Strong Primo: This universe cries out for those who can help, to help.
  • Strong Primo: You have gifts, my friend, as do we. And in the finite time we're given in this life, our job is to make this world better than we found it.
  • Strong Primo: Don't fear the days ahead.
  • Strong Primo: Fear not walking toward them.


  • This page is called "Within the Finite Time We're Given"
  • A large part of the creation of this page was streamed on Twitch.
  • This is the first time Porthos's name is mentioned.