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  • [Strong Primo whistles in the background ♬]
  • Tres Primos Pilot: You're really gonna build Drive Ships?
  • Porthos: We're gonna try.
  • Tres Primos Pilot: [wind-talking] You know what that means, don't you?
  • Porthos: Maaaaah.
    Don't do that!
  • Porthos: I hate it when you do that!
  • Tres Primos Pilot: [wind-talking] What, wind-talking?
  • Porthos: Yes. You know I don't like it.
  • Tres Primos Pilot: [wind-talking] Our brains linked years ago! It's way easier!
  • Porthos: I don't care! It's weird for humans.
    Just say what you gotta say, out loud.
  • Tres Primos Pilot: Fine.
    ... What it means is, the Tres Primos aren't just runnin' and gunnin' anymore.
  • Tres Primos Pilot: It means we're all gonna die in a war we can't win.
  • Porthos: Shhh! You'll scare people.
  • Porthos: ALSO: WE CAN WIN!
  • Porthos: ... Maybe


  • This page is called "Wind-Talking"
  • This is the first page showing wind-talking, even though it might have been shown on Rare Earths 10/13 already.