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  • Cuddow: You found a match?
  • Skitter: YOU KNOW WHERE I'M FROM???
  • Nyx #2: This Nyx will have said... no.
  • Skitter: But you got a match! You just said you got a match!
  • Nyx #1: That Nyx will have spoken correctly. We will have found a match.
  • Nyx #2: But the match wull have been 'here, on Du Fu.
  • Skitter: Am I... from here?
  • Nyx #1: ... A single match. 256 years ago. Traveller to Du Fu.
  • Nyx #2: She was to have been visitor here. With a pack of Yantamonks.
  • Skitter: "Yantamonks"? What's a Yantamonk?
  • Nyx #1: Machine sample... will have had no further information.
  • Cuddow: "Yantamonks" sounds like a Bugs Bunny insult.
  • Skitter: Or some kinda wheatgrass-infused yogurt drink.
  • Nosh: If so, is grossest yogurt flavor.
  • Nyx #2: I will have understood none of that.


  • This page is called "A Match"
  • The Nyx have had the sampler machine even before the empire was founded.
  • The Monasteries of Yanta are on the map.