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  • Kik: Maker? Maker?
  • Kik: ... Maker?'
  • Kik: AHMIS.
  • Ahmis: Yes, Kik?
  • Kik: You been sittin' still for 8 hours, now. I been callin' yer name! You didnt even look like you was breathin' no mores.
    I done got skurr'd.
  • Ahmis: Apologies. I was walking the inward road. Gaming out what happened here.
  • Ahmis: And with deduction, I now understand the Vinn's central problem...
  • Ahmis: On every planet we've been, we hear of the Vinn's "quest" for their missing gods, yes?
  • Ahmis: But now I see the true desperation behind their search: They are fleeing their collective death.
  • Kik: Their... death?
  • Ahmis: Wherever they go, they consume and expand, again and again.
  • Ahmis: They are the ripples of a stone dropped into a galaxy-wide pond. Rippling out, out, out.
  • Ahmis: But look behind the wake of those ripples, and I believe you will find no living beings.
  • Kik: Oh... like we done found here?
  • Ahmis: Indeed. The virus 'neuters them, Kik. Once infected, the Vinn can no longer reproduce naturally.
    And so they will consume the galaxy in their holy quest... and leave only desolation.
  • Kik: [whistles] ♬


  • This page is called "I Done Got Skurr'd"