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  • Ahmis: [off-screen] Any signs of life, Kik?
  • Kik: [off-screen] Wellsir, if'n I'm reading yer scanners right... not much.
  • Kik: [off-screen] You gotcher basic scragglin' of flora, and you gotcher basic prokaryotic microorganisms.
  • Kik: [off-screen] But nuthin'... big. No critters, no peoples.
  • Kik: [off-screen] Lotsa ruins, though. And a lotta radiation.
  • Kik: Maker, I don't unnerstan what happened here.
  • Kik: ... If this is where all them Vinns came from, shouldn't there be a few stragglers that survived here on Vinnshasha?
  • Ahmis: Oh.
  • Ahmis: Perhaps... not.


  • This page is called "Just a Basic Scragglin'"