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  • Sebastián: Come-come, captain! Cousin! Today we dine at my manse. Ah, such a merry band of diners we shall be!
  • Taneel: Right behind you, proconsul.
  • Taneel: Orla, I'd like you to split off, please.
    Find the local Jinyiwei. Trade them info from Nuevo Chile for... anything you can get that helps us.
  • Orla: Roger that, ma'am.
  • Taneel: Cuddow: Take the rest of the crew and chat up the Nyx. Find out if they've ever encountered Skitter's people.
  • Cuddow: Hmm. The Nyx aren't really a spacefaring people, but maybe we'll get lucky.
  • Nosh: No Nyxes don't go to spacings?
  • Cuddow: Not often. As inventive as they are, space travel is kind of a logistical nightmare for them.
  • Cuddow: Each one of them eats 70 kg a day, so there's a big problem with handling all their
  • Nosh: Leaves?
  • Taneel: LEAVINGS.


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