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  • Nyx #2: Orders are R&R for ship crew...
  • Nyx #1: while ship captain and ship familia talk with Du Fu familia.
  • Fernando: Du Fu familia? Who?
  • [BONG BONG ♬]
  • Sebastián: Ah! That'd be me! And just in time. Yes, yes, off you go. Thank you both.
  • Taneel: Wha... Where are the Nyx off to?
  • Sebastián: To eat, captain. Every 45 minutes. They'll be back in a few.
  • Sebastián: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sebastián Crzuz, proconsul of Du Fu. My cousin the emperor bid me welcome you.
  • Fernando: And to speak, cousin?
  • Sebastián: Indeed. Separately! Separately! Mustn't talk in public! Ha ha ha! Mustn't-mustn't!
  • Taneel: Could we eat before chatting, proconsul? We're all a bit hungry.
  • Nosh: Ooooh! Let us go join the Nyx!
  • Sebastián: Oh no no no. Not unless you like eating nestr leaves.
  • Sebastián: They taste like kale had a love-child with a desiccated turtle shell.
  • Nosh: That is... very specifics.
  • Sebastián: I've lived here 8 years. I've had time to think about it.


  • This page is called "Every 45 Minutes"
  • This is the first appearance of Sebastián.