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  • New Fist: [off-screen] We've recalled all forces from Las Hermanitas, majesty. They'll begin reinforcing Earth's defences tomorrow.
  • New Fist: We're still well short of the fleet we need. Every simulation I've run requires...
  • Emperor Cruz: ... thousands more ships, yes.
  • Emperor Cruz: Have the Jinyiwei begun militarizing Indústriaglobo's Shipyards, as I instructed?
  • New Fist: We have. But, your cousin Arturo is... slowing... our work. As chairman of the I.G. board, he's making direct appeals to La Familia.
  • Emperor Cruz: Arturo.
  • Emperor Cruz: You can count on him to squeak when his profits start drying up.
  • New Fist: You have the full authority to override him under the grand council, of course...
  • Emperor Cruz: Overriding doesn't solve the problem. He's nect in line for the throne. There are cousins who will listen to him.
  • New Fist: Say no more, majesty. I will deal with him personally.
  • Emperor Cruz: Ha ha ha, of course you will! Director, you continue to delight.
  • Emperor Cruz: I've found your service invaluable, since Puño's death. I've been staring down an abyss for months, now... And you're the first person who's given me hope again.
  • New Fist: [off-screen] Thank you, sir.
  • Emperor Cruz: Who could've guessed! My best killer turns out to be my best administrator!
  • Emperor Cruz: Make no mistake: Maria was a woman of incredible cunning. But somehow you surpass even her. You think ... orthogonally.
  • Emperor Cruz: For that, and so much more, I've decided to name you the new fist of the Jinyiwei.
  • New Fist: I...
  • New Fist: This fist moves mountains.
  • Emperor Cruz: Hmm. This fist damn well better, Puño.


  • This page is called "Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss"
  • This is the first mention of Arturo.
  • This is the first appearance of the New Fist.