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  • Fernando: So! Orla tells me you're really starting to grasp Hybrid.
  • [Vinnie shows a thumbs up]
  • Fernando: She says scans of your brain are looking great! And the synapses are rewiring super quickly, as you pick up our language phonemes...?
  • [Vinnie shows a thumbs up]
  • Fernando: So... Are you feeling more confident with the language?
  • [Vinnie shows a thumbs up]
  • [Vinnie looks the other way, Fernando trembles in frustration]
  • Fernando: Wait. Are you just thumbs-upping me?
  • [Vinnie leans in]
  • [Vinnie slowly rises his hand]
  • [Vinnie still rises his hand]
  • [Vinnie shows a thumbs up, Fernando leaves in frustration]


  • This page is called "Hybrid"